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You can start right away and work out your first voucher within a few minutes. Companies are willing to reward you for your opinion and valuable time, as it allows them to receive valuable feedback from you get potential customers. After you have set a voucher of your choice as a “target”, we will expand your profile to suggest suitable surveys for you.

For each successfully completed survey, you will receive a fee and as soon as you have reached the target value of your voucher, we will send it to you directly by email. For example, this can already be a Be a 1 Euro Amazon voucher. But we have also prepared many other vouchers for you.

Not every survey is always a direct hit, because our partners are sometimes looking for very specific target groups. Dont worry, were making new surveys available 24/7 so its worth checking back regularly. Your account balance will always be retained, you can continue with your e-mail and your date of birth where you left off, i.e. also pause a few days. In contrast to many other survey offers, we also pay 0.01 euros for the survey attempt, which is credited directly to your progress.

Should you still have any questions or suggestions, our support will be happy to help you.

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